We have so much fun together!

Ms. Lynn specializes in online reading tutoring for students in grades K-3. Her years of teaching experience and training in the Science of Reading ensure that your child’s areas of need will be identified. Tutoring will be personalized to your child’s needs and interests and provided at the pace which provides for optimal growth. Many students have achieved one year’s growth in as few as 12 weeks of tutoring!

Online tutoring is provided in your home, with no travel time. Your child is in an environment which is familiar and comfortable, and you are nearby to provide support if needed. Online tutoring is made engaging by using research-based games and books selected to support your child’s unique needs. If you are in the Gearhart, Oregon area, in person tutoring may be available.

Optimal student growth occurs when tutoring is provided in 50-minute sessions twice a week. This allows for your child to learn new material and practice the new learning during the tutoring sessions. However, younger students may need to begin with sessions as short as 25 minutes to maintain their focus and enthusiasm.

Lessons are available in packages of 8 to 16 lessons. Ms. Lynn’s current rate is $50 per 50-minute session.