The Science of Reading is Real!

Brain Activity During Reading,

We now know so much about how children learn to read that we didn’t know when we were in school! Using brain imaging, scientists can see what parts of a child’s brain are activated when reading. Children who learn to read easily build pathways for memory of sounds, letters, words, and comprehension. Children who struggle to read have a more difficult time building these pathways. Researchers have shown that children can train their brains for reading success when teachers use Structured Literacy methods.

What’s the best way to teach kids with dyslexia how to read? The most helpful approach is called structured literacy. This way of teaching reading is:

Systematic: Reading skills are taught in a logical order. Kids have to master the basics before moving on to more complex skills.

Explicit: Teaching is clear and direct. There’s no guesswork.

Diagnostic: Teachers constantly assess students to make sure they’re mastering concepts before moving on. Instruction is individualized.

You can help your child succeed by engaging with a tutor trained in Structured Literacy using a quality method such as Orton-Gillingham or Reading Simplified. Be sure to ask what training your tutor has had, how the sessions will be structured, and how your child’s progress will be measured!


Teacher and Tutor providing personalized, online Reading Tutoring for students in grades K-3.

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