What Are Your Child’s Superpowers?

What are your child’s superpowers? My friend Kelly Rogan, owner of Skool-ed.com, shared an article this week that brought me so much joy!  According to a post by the World Economic Forum, People with dyslexia have ‘enhanced abilities’, according to a new study, people with dyslexia have a unique set of superpowers. Researchers at the University of Cambridge suggest that dyslexia should be regarded as a strength, not a disability, because the condition is linked to “enhanced abilities in areas like discovery, invention, and creativity.” Think about it… what we often think of as a deficit is actually a strength in the ability to adapt to a changing world!

Dyslexia is present in about one in five students, and it can be an inherited condition. People who are dyslexic generally have difficulties with reading, writing, and spelling.  Research has shown that early structured literacy interventions, such as those provided by Orton-Gillingham based programs, is highly effective in retraining the brains of people with dyslexia so that reading, writing, and spelling become less of a challenge. Generally, educators look at dyslexia as a deficit, rather than as a set of unique strengths. Imagine if we could ease the challenges for students with dyslexia while at the same time enhancing their strengths.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about services offered at Sand Dollar Tutoring. We specialize in strengths-based instruction for students with dyslexia, and we put relationships first.  Let us help your child find their superpowers!

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